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My friend Sarah and I were the first ones at the party. Everyone else got a head start on drinking the huge keg of beer that was there. Sarah and I were underage and neither of our parents knew what we were doing or where we were. Both of our parents thought we were spending the night at another girlfriend’s house. By midnight, I was sick twice and was so drunk I could barely walk. I remember that Sarah helped me into a room with a bunch of coats, and I passed out. When I woke up the next morning, I was naked from the waist down with a condom stuck to the inside of my leg. I knew I had been raped. I ran to the bathroom and threw up a bunch of times, crying. I felt dirty and ashamed, and Sarah and I were both too afraid to tell anyone what had happened. About a week later, I was talking to a friend at school who told me about an agency I could call that would help. The agency believed me and supported me. They helped me get treatment for STIs and talked to me about what I could do if I was pregnant. They also found me a counselor who helped me see that the whole thing wasn’t my fault. I’m still working on getting over it, but I feel better that I got help.