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It always happened at night, during the 2:00 am bed check. The first time it happened, I was sleeping. I thought I was having a sexual dream, but when I woke up, Wayne, the care attendant, was standing over me and sexually touching me with his hands. I was so scared that I froze. I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be asleep. Finally, Wayne stopped and left the room. I was horribly embarrassed and didn’t want to tell anyone. Every night that Wayne worked, it happened at the same time, and in the same way. I wanted it to stop – it made me feel dirty and disgusting – but who could I tell? Besides, it had been going on so long that it was probably too late now, I should have told someone sooner. What if they thought I liked it – that I wanted it? Then one day, someone from an agency in town came to talk to us care home residents about domestic violence and sexual abuse. Wayne was there too but I couldn’t even look at him. Later that day, I phoned the number the agency had left and asked for help. The phone counselor told me it was a normal reaction to sexual assault to freeze and not do anything. And she told me it was even normal that I felt confused because even though I was extremely uncomfortable with what Wayne was doing to me, my body responded sexually to his touch. She helped me report the abuse to the management of the care home. They believed me and supported me. Wayne no longer works here. With the agency’s help, the care home has put policies in place to prevent other people like me from being abused.