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I never had any children of my own, but I always held a special place in my heart for my adult nephew John. John had gone through some tough times, and since his immediate family lived in Ontario, I invited him to live with me to help get him back on his feet. I always thought he was a good kid who just needed a little help. Not long after he moved in, John went to an alcohol treatment program and stayed clean and sober for six months. He got a job, and things were looking up for John. Then one night, he fell off the wagon. He came back to my apartment drunk, angry, and asking for money. When I refused, he started yelling and screaming at me, saying really hurtful and demeaning things, and knocking over my furniture. I felt scared, confused and sad for John. I knew I needed help to deal with the situation, so I reached out. I felt badly having to tell John to leave, but now I live alone and feel safe here. I’m still trying to help John, but I’m also protecting myself.